Turmeric, the Gem of Spices is golden colored, aromatic medicinal and culinary spice. An indigenous plant of India, grown in rich fertile soil with favorable monsoon showers.

Packing Type

Product Name Turmeric
Botanical Name Curcuma Longa
Nature Whole Polished, Powdered
Variety Erode [Finger and Bulb] Salem [Finger and Bulb]
Source Region Tamil Nadu in India


Therapeutic nature of Turmeric
Anti-Inflammatory - Contains Curcumin which has strong Anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce joint swelling in people with Osteoarthritis.
Brain Health - Curcumin helps to improve the function of neurons and has potential role in prevention of neurological disorders in people with Alzheimer.
Heart Health - Curcumin helps to improve health of thin membrane that covers the inside of the heart and blood vessels.
Skin Health- Curcumin treatments are very effective in variety of skin disorders and has powerful antioxidant properties.